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Goodbye Summer. Hello my favorite time of year!

September 5th, 2015 • Posted by Loris,LE,BS Health,RDH,CNHP,FUTURE ND • Permalink

The end of summer is always bitter sweet. Long days are going to get shorter,school is back in session, the holiday season is around the corner and of course it is going to get cooler. Fall has always been my favorite time of year! I embrace the lower temps ( especially here in Florida) and the sweet changes the fall air brings. Everything feels calm again except that dry skin! Yep, no matter where you live, the change in seasons brings about a change in your skin. Let's get a grip on it this year and start a new tradition in personal care that will change your body and change your health.
Dry brushing helps shed dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal, which results in softer,smoother brighter skin. What a perfect way to say good by to summer skin :). It helps improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, it helps eliminate acids in the body like uric acid crystals, releases toxins and metabolic wastes ( hence improved tone and glow) and aids in rejuvenation of the nervous system.
Yes, I recommend it become a part of everyone's daily routine. With continued use ( yes, that means make it a habit), you will experience healthier muscle tone and better distribution of fatty deposits including a breakdown in cellulite. Ready to start brushing ? Okay then here we go with the basics.
Start with a natural bristle brush as synthetic will tear the skin. Dry brushing is done on dry skin. Wet brushing will result in stretching the skin, we don't want that! I recommend starting your day with dry brushing because you will experience a little boost in energy and at night that might not be a good idea. So , lets start at the bottom of the feet,then move upwards towards the heart brushing over ankles,calves,knees and thighs using swift upward strokes. Start with light pressure and adjust it to firmer strokes as you feel more comfortable. Brush over each area,front and back, with 5 - 7 strokes and spend a little more time in areas of lumps and bumps ( you know what I mean).
Once you have finished the lower body move to your hands and arms. I usually put my arm in the air over my head and brush down, again always towards the heart. Brush front back and sides of hands to shoulders.
Next brush buttocks up,hips,lower back and then shoulder blades down ( yep, towards the heart) and very gently across the chest and neck sweeping strokes towards the heart. Last but not least the tummy area, brush with a clockwise stroke following your colons direction. Brushing counter clockwise may result in a back up which is good for nothing. So clockwise stroke on tummy area and finish up with a repeat in those areas you most want to improve.
This whole routine should only take about 3 -5 minutes and can leave your skin with a little tingle as the blood circulation starts to energize. Jump in the shower and hydrate your skin with a chemical free moisturizer. For a bigger boost come in to THE STUDIO and let us dry brush you and wrap you in a wrap of essential oils to further detox your pores.
Anyway you do it, just do it! It's about better health.

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August 31st, 2015 • Posted by Lori Guelff,LE,CNHP, BSDH, FUTURE ND • Permalink

It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH 9th day of the 9th month so for the 1st 9 days of September we will be selling $150 Gift Certificates for $100. These can be used on Studio products and services by Studio employees.

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August 29th, 2015 • Posted by Lori Guelff,LE,CNHP, BSDH, FUTURE ND • Permalink

Back to nerium oleander leaf: it's poisonous and potentially fatal if consumed orally, which isn't how this product should be used but using any plant on your face with that kind of toxic profile should give you pause. Specific to topical use, there is no published, substantiated research proving this plant extract has any special or unique properties for aging skin, uneven skin tone, or large pores. There was one animal study showing oleander's anti-inflammatory benefit, but lots of plants offer this benefit without the risks involved with oleander.

Other research has shown is that nerium oleander leaf is a potent insecticide and it interrupts the cellular process known as mitosis, a process of cellular division that affects the body's chromosomes. None of this is appealing when we're talking skin care and the risks involved make nerium oleander a plant to leave off your skin (Sources: Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, March 2004, pages 361-369; Veterinary and Human Toxicology, February 1999, pages 915; and

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