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September 27th, 2015 • Posted by Loris,LE,BS Health,RDH,CNHP,FUTURE ND • Permalink

When you patronize a local small business as opposed to a big box business many things happen in that community. Obviously you are supporting the community you live in or are visiting and that is very much appreciated. You are encouraging the talent, skills and education that surround you. You are supporting their drive to stay open and to stay on top of their game. You are a reason they stay in the community and also give back to the community.
You help a child get their team jersey,a single mom or dad continue their education. You help a college student pay their bills and local families put gas in the tanks and food on their tables. You help a business grow and you are giving back via support. Your visit means so much! You become a shareholder of the business and the community.
Thank you for supporting our small business and our community. Together we grow.

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